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We have a wide variety of boards in stock now that are ready to go! You can choose from our selection of already upgraded boards, a stock board or choose a stock board and the upgrades you want! See below for details and pictures.


Step 1

Check out our boards online, call or email us.


Step 2

Choose the upgrades you want on your board, call or email Rob with the details.


Step 3

Finalize with Rob directly, send payment, pick up your board or we can ship it to you!

Upgrade Packages


XR/Pint Upgrade Package: The Trail Blazer

This ultimate upgrade package includes rails, fender, tire, lift kit, float plates, charger port plug, and ignite custom launch pads. Carve the trails on this your upgraded beast.


XR/ Pint Upgrade Package: The Naz-T Special

This upgrade package including fender, rails, float plates, charger port cover, TFL grip tape. Take a ride on the wild side.



Onewheel XR vs Pint


Onewheel XR

The Onewheel+ XR is the 4th generation of the Onewheel. Future Motion started with the Onewheel followed by the Onewheel+ and Onewheel XR und now offers the Onewheel+ XR as their latest flagship product. The OW is what I call the electric hydrofoil of electric skateboards, but many people don’t like to call it electric skateboard at all. It is kind of new floating device with its one big wheel. The new Onewheel+ XR comes with an impressive range of 28 km with one battery charge. Our 90 kg rider was able to make 28 km with one charge in the CRUISE mode. The maximum load is 125 kg. “Never break a working system” The design of the Onewheel hasn’t really changes since model one and also the 4th generation comes in the typical design. It looks a little bit rough and I get asked many times if I but it myself. But hey, that’s the Onewheel. The self balancing Onewheel does of course not need a remote control and it comes with its intelligent LED lights which switch from white to red depending in which direction you ride. Yes, you can ride in both directions.

Stock $1,799

Onewheel Pint

The Pint by Onewheel is an absolute blast to ride and packs a surprising amount of power in a pint-sized package. This smaller and more compact self-balancing monowheel skateboard is a little slower than the original with a reduced range but is still quite fast and handles rougher roads — and even light off-roading — like a champ. The Pint is a top recommendation for someone who wants the unique experience of riding this style of board or for someone who wants to head off the pavement on their electric skateboard.

Stock $950


Not ready to buy? Rent Your Onewheel XR or Pint Today, lesson included! Click here for more details and prices.

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