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FloatLife Fest 4 Is Back In Northwest Arkansas

September 22-26, 2021

Come meet and see Naz-T's Float shop and Naz-T Rob himself in FloatLife Fest 4! They're back for 2021! The full version of the largest Onewheel gathering on the planet takes place this year at Coler Mountain Bike Preserve in Bentonville, Arkansas, September 22-26, 2021. Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, Bike Bentonville and FLF are hosting races at the amazing manicured single track and paved greenways of Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. Coler Mountain offers something for everyone of every skill level.and is perfect for some serious downhill racing! We'll also have group rides, the FLF Onewheel park and ramps, technical riding clinics with Pro riders, vendors, prizes, live stream of the event and a real good time with friends we haven't seen in a while...or maybe haven't met yet. We want to meet you all! Come float Bentonville, Arkansas and experience everything Onewheel at FloatLife Fest!

Come in early to get your Onewheel ready for the event with Naz-T's upgrade specials. We also offer new board purchases and any repairs you will need if you have a little too much fun out on the trails.

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Onewheel Rentals in Northwest Arkansas

Ride one of the most revolutionary board sports and forms of transportation the world has ever seen. The Onewheel XR hoverboard has changed the game allowing you to seamlessly float across all terrain including grass, trails, sand, pavement, and everything in between. With its powerful brushless hub motor, Onewheel can reach speeds up to 19mph and has a range of between 12-18 miles on a single charge. Its companion app allows you to track speed, battery percentage, and change the way the board rides using shaping modes. Lean forward to accelerate and lean back to slow or stop the board, its that easy. Simply put, this thing is epic.

Even with no board sport experience you can be up and riding the onewheel within minutes with proper instruction (30 minute lesson included). The intuitive motor assists in balance and control so no experience is necessary. The designers of Onewheel have truly made the experience unique. Carve on land as if you’re in deep powder or surfing a perfectly formed wave. The Onewheel’s innovative design allows for charging anywhere, anytime. Just plug it into a standard outlet and have a full charge in 90 minutes giving you another 12-18 miles of range.

Naz-T's Float Shop offers a variety of rental options right here in Bentonville Arkansas click here for more information and pricing.

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Bentonville First Friday Event

Join us at the annual “back to school” Bentonville first Friday event at the square August 6th!!!! We will have a tent setup and our team available to answer any questions. Stickers will be available as supplies last.

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Onewheel craze hits NWA

For years outdoor enthusiasts have been flocking to NWA for its beautiful trails and outdoor activities and now the Onewheel crowd is no exception. Onewheel is the newest trend in personal electric vehicles (PEV) that has hit the area recently and its popularity is growing fast.

So what is all the hype about? The Onewheel was invented by Future Motion Inc. founder and CEO, Kyle Doerksen. Since 2016 it has slowly become a must have for some thrill seekers and PEV lovers. Onewheel’s single wheel contains a brushless electric motor that spins to propel riders forwards or backwards, and makes thousands of micro-adjustments per second to keep riders balanced. To use the board, riders place their feet on either side of the wheel. Riders’ front feet go on top of two pressure-sensitive pads that detect when riders are on the board.To direct the board, riders lean slightly in the direction they want to travel.To stop, riders lift their heel off the side of the front footpad.

All models use 'Pushback' to warn the rider that they are about to reach the maximum safe speed. Pushback gently forces the nose of the Onewheel up when riders approach unsafe speeds, alerting riders that they need to slow down.

Riders can choose to use an app that displays battery charge and miles traveled, and regulates different modes for the rider. The app also allows riders to control other board functions to personalize how the board responds to their riding style.

NWA is a natural fit for this type of PEV due to its extensive trails network and outdoors areas. In keeping up with this newest trend Robert Mahler recently founded Naz-T’s Float shop in Bentonville Arkansas. His shop organizes community rides as well as offers repairs, upgrades, new board orders and parts installations of all models of Onewheels. Hit the trails this summer on a onewheel and see what the hype is all about!

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